Elements Chair Series – Week 3

Elements Chair Series
Sundays April 2nd – 30th, 2023
12:45pm-2:15pm ET

THE Pearl Modern Spa and Boutique 
10275 Little Patuxent Parkway, Suite 102
Columbia, Maryland 21044

Week 1 – Earth 4/2
Week 2 – Water 4/16
Week 3 – Fire 4/23
Week 4 – Air and Space 4/30

*No class 4/9 – Easter Sunday

Week 3: Relaxation and the Nervous System | Balancing Effort and Relaxation

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This video was from a series I did with Spirit of The Sun, an organization in Denver, CO. It’s connected to Fire / Heart and Throat Chakra.

Asana Group: Twists

Element: Fire
– Heat, light, transformation and purification. It is related to the sense of sight. Reflected in the poses as vitality and radiance.

Koshas: Manomaya – Psycho-Emotional
– (Mano=mind, maya=consists of, kosha=sheath) The Manomaya kosha is the psycho-emotional dimension of our being, made up of thoughts and feelings. As we embrace our psycho-emotional being without judging or rejecting our thoughts and feelings, we learn to relax, thereby reducing stress and creating conditions for the free flow of subtle energy and optimal functioning of the physical systems.

Prana Vayus: Samana Vayu – The golden sunlight horizontal current that expands outward from the center of the solar plexus on the inhalation and moves inward toward the center of the body on the exhalation. The essential function of Samana vayu is supporting physical digestion and assimilation as well as the digestion of thoughts and feelings.

Systems: Digestive System – The digestive system consists of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine and auxiliary organs. It is related to the Fire element and the process of transformation of food into nutrients. Specific Yoga poses nourish each of the organs of the digestive system, optimizing circulation and elimination of waste products. Certain Yoga postures, such as twists, also assist in moving nutrients through the digestive tract. The stress reduction that results from Yoga practice also plays an essential role in the balanced functioning of the digestive system.

Facilitator: Natasha Chaoua