Elements Chair Series – Week 2

Elements Chair Series
Sundays April 2nd – 30th, 2023
12:45pm-2:15pm ET

THE Pearl Modern Spa and Boutique 
10275 Little Patuxent Parkway, Suite 102
Columbia, Maryland 21044

Week 1 – Earth 4/2
Week 2 – Water 4/16
Week 3 – Fire 4/23
Week 4 – Air and Space 4/30

*No class 4/9 – Easter Sunday

Week 2: Freedom and Flexibility | Reflect on personal attachments and where to let go.

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This video was from a series I did with Spirit of The Sun, an organization in Denver, CO. It’s connected to Water / Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra.

Asana Group: Stabilization and Hip Openers

Element: Water
– Fluidity, flexibility, refreshment, hydration and adaptability. It is related to the sense of taste. Reflected in the poses as centering and flexibility.

Koshas: Pranamaya
– (Prana=energy, maya=consists of, kosha=sheath) The Pranamaya kosha is that aspect of our being composed of vital energy. The breath is the primary vehicle for receiving and distributing prana throughout our subtle anatomy. Our subtle anatomy includes the chakras (energy centers), the prana vayus (energy currents) and the nadis (energy channels). The free flow of prana is essential for the nourishment of the physical systems as well as for cultivating balance in the mind and emotions.

Prana Vayus: Apana Vayu – This is a downward moving current that originates at the naval and moves downward on the exhalation to nourish and purify the pelvis and pelvic floor. Its essential function is to support all processes of elimination, including the eliminatory and urinary systems, as well as menstruation.

Systems: Reproductive, Eliminatory & Urinary – The reproductive system consists of the reproductive organs and glands. It is related to the Water element and the processes of procreation and pleasure. Specific Yoga poses nourish each of the organs of the reproductive system, optimizing circulation. An appropriate combination of the different categories of Yoga poses balances the endocrine system, thereby promoting the health of the reproductive system.

The eliminatory system consists of the large intestine and anus. It is related to the Earth and Water elements and the process of elimination. It is one of the channels for removing waste products from the body. Yoga poses assist in the elimination of waste products. The stress reduction provided by the poses is also key for the health of the eliminatory system.

The urinary system consists of the kidneys, bladder, ureters and urethra. It is related to the Water element and the process of filtration. Specific Yoga poses nourish each of the organs of the urinary system. This is especially important in relation to the kidneys, whose job is to filter the blood and regulate fluid levels to maintain healthy blood pressure.

Facilitator: Natasha Chaoua