Mudras and Meditation: Linga Mudra

Linga Mudra generates heat and generally invigorates the body. With its pitta-stimulating qualities, it is also valued for its ability to stop the production of excess mucus, give strength to the lungs, and cure colds, bronchial infections and other imbalances of kapha.


The basic energy that forms your body’s structure, kapha provides the foundation for the other doshas. Kapha is made up of the water and earth elements and is cold and moist. It is stable and tends to move very little. When kapha is excessive, you may feel stuck in life, crave too many sweets, feel heavy, and suffer from swelling and congestion. Accompanying physical symptoms may include depression, lethargy, passivity, weight gain, asthma, water retention and congestion.


Come into a sitting position. Interlock the fingers of both hands with your right thumb on top. Lift your left thumb and extend it vertically; touch your left thumb with the left index finger. Maintaining this hand position, rest your hands in your lap or against your solar plexus, the site of your manipura chakra. Hold for 15mins minutes daily.


Because the fire element of your thumb comes into close contact with all the other elements in your other fingers, it stimulates all of them. This has an invigorating effect.


“I offer all negative qualities and thoughts into the fire of transformation.”


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