Mudras and Meditation: Guru Mudra

Guru Mudra is recommended for cultivating physical and emotional equilibrium, this is a two-thumbed variation of Agni Mudra. Guru is the Sanskrit name for Jupiter, and the gesture is used in Indian dance to refer to the planet or a teacher.

It’s also known as Merudanda Mudra. Meru is the name of the mountain at the centre of the universe in the Indian tradition: danda a stick or staff. When the terms are used together, they relate to your spine, the central point of balance and steadiness in our body.


Come into a sitting position. Make fists with both hands, with your thumbs pointing straight up. Rest the fists on your knees. Hold for as long as you can.


Placing your thumbs in this position promotes steadiness of the manipura (solar plexus) chakra the horizontal centre of our body, leading to increased emotional and energetic balance. When you meditate, practicing with your hands in this mudra helps align the spine, creating vertical balance in our body.


Guru Mudra makes eye exercises more effective. With both hands in the Mudra, lift your right arm to eye level and slowly move it as far right as you can see it; do not move your head only your eyes. Slowly bring your arm back to center. Change arms and repeat to the left. Repeat 2-3 times each way.


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