Mudras and Meditation: Surya Mudra

Surya Mudra (Sun Seal) is helpful any time you feel in need of inspiration or would like to counter lethargy of the body or mind. In Sanskrit, Surya is one of the names of the sun, our most visible form of the element fire. Inspired by the light of the sun, darkness (in the form of depression) disappears and heaviness lifts from the heart.

Regular practice of this mudra generally improves digestion and elimination. It stimulates your body to burn excess fat and reduces cholesterol, helping you to cleanse yourself and lose weight.


Come into a sitting or kneeling position. You can use either one or both hands. Bring your ring finger down to touch the root of the thumb of the same hand. Press down on your ring finger with your thumb. Extend the other fingers, allowing them to relax. Hold for 45mins or 3 sessions of 15 minutes.

(I’m doing the latter 😅 45mins is a long time and three sets of 15mins throughout the day is much more realistic for me!)


The ring finger (the finger of the earth element) is depressed by the thumb (the fire element), symbolically bowing to the light of the sun. The root of your thumb
– representing your drive in in life and creative power – is stimulated by the ring finger. As your thumb presses down on the ring finger, the fire element of the thumb decreases the negative aspects of earth energy, such as inertia. This helps burn off ‘stagnant’ impurities and fires you up with new inspiration in life.


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