Welcome to Dubwise Yoga

Greetings and Welcome to Dubwise Yoga

You may already be familiar with me and my offerings but in case you’re a new follower I’d like to re-introduce myself to you and welcome you to my updated website and platform for all my current and upcoming offerings.

My name is Natasha, my pronouns are she/hers and I’m a yoga instructor based on Susquahannock, Nentego (Nanticoke) and Piscataway Territory, known as Columbia, Maryland.

I am the descendant of two Jamaican parents, born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I moved to the US in my early twenties and I’m married with three children. I founded Dubwise Yoga in 2018 with a mission to make yoga equitable and accessible for all bodies and abilities. Classes are open to all.

I offer trauma informed hatha yoga, accessible and adaptive chair yoga. I’m passionate about disabilities, mental health and mindfulness practices being readily available for all, most importantly communities of color. Prior to teaching I spent several years working with those who have developmental disabilities. I eventually had the pleasure of working with those who experienced a spinal cord injury and/or traumatic brain injury and I currently support the TBI/concussion community through LoveYourBrain.

I’ve completed a plethora of trainings and continue to educate myself. I know and understand the importance of helping others live, be seen and be heard. Overall, I’ve learned to appreciate life’s circumstances with a drive to understand and help the whole person.

I’d like to finish off by sharing my privilege starting with my skin color. I’m Black, considered marginalized and a minority, the furthest away from power. I have post-secondary education, I’m currently able-bodied, heterosexual and neurotypical. My mental health is somewhat stable but vulnerable. I live with anxiety and often experience panic attacks ever since my sister died. I’m slim, own my home and I’m middle class. However, if I went solely based off my own business income I’d be considered poor. I speak english and I’m a cisgendered woman. Though born and raised in Canada, I am a United States citizen.

When I unpack my intersectionality, these and many other factors shape not only my individual experiences but share areas of my privilege, as well as continued oppression.

This is a snippet of who I am. This is also an invitation to learn more about me through intentional relationship and community building through my yoga offerings and so much more, so again welcome to the community, thank you for watching how far I’ve come and I look forward to sharing my continued growth!


Healing Comes When We Balance Effort With Ease