Join me once a month for Yoga and Journaling, online gatherings where Black, Indigenous, People Of Color hold space for each other through intentional journaling and discussions around the practice of yoga. Each month we’ll honor a limb and apply it’s teachings to our lives.

Yoga and Journaling for BIPOC
Eight Limbs To Wellness
Sundays – Monthly
9am-10am (PT) | 10am-11am (MT)
11am-12pm (CT) | 12pm-1pm (ET)

Next Session
May 30th, 2021

May – The Yamas (Five Moral Restraints)
June – The Niyamas (Five Observances)
July – Asana (Movement/Postures)
August – Pranayama (The Breath)
September – Prathyahara (Withdrawal Of Senses)
October – Dharana (Concentration)
November – Dhyana (Meditation)
December – Samadhi (Union Of The Self)

Pay What You Can
No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds
PayPal | Venmo | CashApp

These sessions are intended for Black, Indigenous, People Of Color. Thank you for honoring this space.

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